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Dear All,

TLDR; We are organizing "Autotopia", a series of events dealing with automation and society. We are looking for speakers and contributors. Contact us here: Details below

For a couple of months a small group has gathered in Dresden to organize a series of events, which wants to illuminate the relationship between technology and society. From April 27th through May 12th 2019 we want to tackle the first topic 'automation' from various perspectives and with different formats.

Beginning with the industrial revolution, and the massive impact it had far into the 20th century, we can see again an again how advances in automation provoke social upheaval. By means of technological progress, fueled by a globally connected economy, disruptive technologies impact our lives and communities more and more frequently.

The discussion on so-called "future trends" often appears too simplified and shortsighted. In debates, artificial intelligence, predictive policing/mass surveillance, Industry 4.0, high-frequency trading, automated warfare, etc. are often framed by markteting campaigns as an 'obvious necessity'.

A growing number of people feel patronized or left behind faced with this rampant "progress". We seem to be stuck in this status quo, although there are various alternatives.

  • Who profits from automation?
  • Which longterm consequences arise from the wide-spread use of automation technologies?
  • How does automated decision making and the changing job market impact the possibility of democratic participation?
  • Which concepts can help to make the next surge of automation benificial for all members of society?
  • Which potential for emancipation and (re)organization may hide in this technological change?
  • How do we decide how far technological systems (should) reach into our private lives?

The series "Autotopia" aims to discuss these question in various formats.

We do not target any specific group; we invite makers, hackers, writers, artists and designers, scientists and journalists, enthusiasts and critics!

At the moment we are looking for speakers and are going to lay down precise dates and formats in the next couple of weeks. We are planning to do talks, workshops, readings, film screenings and discussions. Is there someone you know, who we should absolutely ask?

You can find out more about our concept and our working at

chaotic greetings,

The Autotopia Organizingteam