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Ruby-MediaWiki Documentation



dotfile function reads the user's MediaWiki config and creates a Wiki instance.

The filename is determined by the environment variable MEDIAWIKI_RC or defaults to ~/.mediawikirc .

A configured wiki can be chosen with the MEDIAWIKI_WIKI environment variable, or defaults to the wiki pointed by default.

A robot may set [myrealm] to retrieve a second result output: a section with this name in the current wiki's configuration file for configuration of specific robot tasks.


The Article class represents MediaWiki articles.


Delete this article

  • reason: [String] Delete reason===MediaWiki::Article#protect===

Protect this article

  • reason: [String] Protect reason===MediaWiki::Article#reload===

Reload Article#text, should be done by Article#initialize.


Push the Submit button

Send the modified Article#text to the MediaWiki.

  • summary: [String] Change summary* minor_edit: [Boolean] This is a Minor Edit* watch_this: [Boolean] Watch this article===MediaWiki::Article#unprotect===

Unprotect this article

  • reason: [String] Unprotect reason===MediaWiki::Article#what_links_here===

What articles link to this article?

  • result: [Array] of [String] Article names===MediaWiki::Article#xhtml===

Get the XHTML, will invoke Article#xhtml_reload if not already cached

  • result: [REXML::Element] html root element===MediaWiki::Article#xhtml_reload===

Reload the xhtml, will be automatically done by Article#xhtml if not already cached.


Create a new Article instance

  • wiki: [Wiki] instance to be used to theive the MiniBrowser* name: [String] Article name* section: [Fixnum] Optional article section number* load_text: [Boolean] Invoke Article#reload to retrieve Article#text==MediaWiki::Category==

The Category class represents MediaWiki categories.


Which articles belong to this category?

  • result: [Array] of [String] Article names===MediaWiki::Category#reload===

Reload the XML, will be invoked by Category#articles, if not already cached.


Create a new Category instance

  • wiki: [Wiki] instance to be used to theive the MiniBrowser* name: [String] Category name, to be prefixed with "Category:" when being fetched==MediaWiki::MiniBrowser==










takes the wiki markup of a table and returns a 2-dimensional array representing the rows and columns of the table TODO: fill member variables according to parsed tables



Returns the pages listed on "Special:Allpages"

  • result: [Array] of [String] Articlenames===MediaWiki::Wiki#article===

Return a new Article instance with given name, will be constructed with [self] (for MiniBrowser usage)

  • name: [String] Article name* section: [Fixnum] Optional section number===MediaWiki::Wiki#article_url===

Construct the URL to a specific article

Uses the [url] the Wiki instance was constructed with, appends "index.php", the name parameter and, optionally, the section.

Often called by Article, Category, ...

  • name: [String] Article name* section: [Fixnum] Optional section number===MediaWiki::Wiki#category===

Return a new Category instance with given name, will be constructed with [self] (for MiniBrowser usage)

  • name: [String] Category name (to be prepended with "Category:")===MediaWiki::Wiki#login===

Log in into MediaWiki

This is not HTTP authentication (put HTTP-Auth into [url] of Wiki#initialize!)

  • user: [String] MediaWiki username* password: [String] MediaWiki passwordMay raise an exception if cannot authenticate


Initialize a new Wiki instance.

  • url: [String] URL-Path to index.php (without index.php), may containt user:password combination.* user: [String] If not nil, log in with that MediaWiki username (see Wiki#login)* password: [String] If not nil, log in with that MediaWiki password (see Wiki#login)