Lockpicking Village

Aus C3D2
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Lockpicking Village at c3d2

A place for all people interested in lockpicking in and around Dresden.

And an attempt to make a monthly(?) meeting for discussion and workshops all things related to locks and related physical security.

Lockpicking stuff at HQ

If you add something to the lockbox please note it here

If you borrow/take something away, remove the entry or mark it in comment please


type mechanism ID key comment
bike lock pin-tumbler n/a F Rakeable
handcuffs lever-tumbler Perfecta HC200 F Openable with redbull can
bike lock cylinder ? Abus XPlus F
padlock pin tumbler Work-it F The core is destroyed, not openable by key, bypassable
padlock wafer tumbler n/a T social contract lock
padlock pin tumbler Abus 85/50 F 3 pieces, somewhat naughty
door lock core pin tumbler Abus T
door lock core pin tumbler Abus F
door lock core pin tumbler BAB T
door lock core pin tumbler n/a F
door lock core pin tumbler Abus T NASTY keeway
door lock core pin tumbler BAB T


lots of orphaned keys



2020-02-19 19:00 at HQ

Same gist as last time, let's get together and pick or bypass some locks. More information will appear here closer to the event.

As usual, feel free to suggest any ideas that you have. If you have any questions/comments contact oxapentane.


2020-01-29T19:00:00 in HQ

Feel free to bring some locks and picks (optional), but most importantly bring yourself and good attitude. Everyone interested is welcome, especially if you have no experience whatsoever and want to learn or if you just want to learn more about the inner workings of this key component of many physical security systems. If you know something about it and want to share - please, tell us, just edit yourself in below or send oxapentane an email.


user:oxapentane will tell general things about types of locks, how to pick them and simple ways to bypass locking mechanism altogether. Also maybe a small workshop with easy locks and easy handcuffs.