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Lenovo ThinkPad ist Teil vom C3D2. Mit der hier verwendeten Vorlage:Hardware sollst du eine Übersicht über Hardware und ihre Benutzung im C3D2 bekommen.

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T61 Software für die Hardware


T61 Aktualisierung vom BIOS ohne Akku

mit AMT

BIOS-Update auf 2.30 durch Trick:

Forums Lenovo: Updating BIOS on Thinkpad T60 - no battery

For the t61 lenovo I renamed the $01af000.fl1 to bios.rom and I renamed the $01af000.fl2 to platform.bin. Then use the winphlash tool that is apart of the bios update download from lenovo (it is in the folder you download). I browsed to the bios.rom file and ran the update with out problems. the system rebooted and came up normaly. I had the same problem with a battery error and this got around it.

I flashed the middleton BIOS for an R61i (14.1" model 7732 with firewire): battery is also dead, so I used WinPlash.exe directly, skipping WINUPTP.EXE. (As the latter insists on a charged battery.)

I renamed the image files as well, but I guess it’s of no importance. – Initially I thought `platform.bin` is linked to from `bios.rom`, but no. It turned out that the embedded controller did not got flashed! I was lucky the new BIOS worked with the old controller.

Once rebooted into Windows, I restarted the tool and selected platform.bin, flashed it (I got a warning, see below), then canceled the reboot (be quick!), then selected bios.rom and flashed it again. – And I ended up with a working system with both BIOS and EC updated.

How did I know the tool can do multiple flashes in a row without reboot?

I actually flashed bios.rom twice in the beginning, just to see the behaviour of the tool without risking too much.

How did I know platform.bin will not get flashed over the BIOS instead of updating the Embedded Controller?

Before flashing I tried the “Backup BIOS only” option a couple of times. WinPlash reads the image file in any case and checks compatibility according to the screen messages. This gave me a hint that platform.bin has to contain instructions on what to do, because the EC would never ever pass as proper system BIOS. I also tried doing backup with a random file as image, which crashed WinPhlash. So I was pretty sure the image is read for backup and it does make sense for the tool. – I also noticed that the backup file is ~4MB for a BIOS backup, but only ~2MB for the EC (e.g. backup started with platform.bin instead of bios.rom).

Did I get any surprises?

Yes, the platform.bin backup-and-flash gave me a warning. "... The System Platform may be different from the Image file." WinPhlash also mentioned the version string of the (new) BIOS (e.g. 7LETC7WW and something like 7KHTR0K0, which looks like the version string of a virgin Embedded Controller). Proceed Yes/No? I thought: if it overwrites the EC now, it is exactly what I want. If it overwrites the BIOS, well, I plan to flash the BIOS again anyway, so maybe it works. (And it did!)

Anything on the timing?

The BIOS flash took like 1-2 minutes, doing 21 blocks. The EC was only 2 blocks, so it was faster. I kept an eye on the screen, because you have only 10 seconds to cancel the reboot after flashing finishes.


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X230 libert

Lenovo ThinkPad X230
Intel i5-3320M
16 GB (2 · 8 GB) 4 GB (2 · 2 GB)
Intel Wireless WiFi Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205
Sierra Wireless AirPrime (20-VM173-P4)

X230 libert Anschaffung

Spende von einem Mitglied vom C3D2, das das Gerät früher nutzte

X230 libert Probleme

startet bei mehrfachen Betrieb mit Akku nicht

Irgendwas scheint beim Gerät mit der Verwaltung vom Strom beim Betrieb mit Akku nicht zu funktionieren.

Im Zweifelsfall kann das Gerät einfach ohne Akku betrieben werden.

linke Taste der Maus verhält sich wie die mittlere Taste der Maus


Es wurde die Tastatur ersetzt. (Die neue Tastatur hat keine Hintergrundbeleuchtung.)

X230 libert Betrieb


T61 pestbert

Lenovo ThinkPad T61
Intel Core 2 Duo T7300
Intel Wireless WiFi 4965
  • Akku fehlt!
  • Ultrabay für HDD

T61 pestbert Anschaffung

Lenovo ThinkPad#T61 pestbert ist ein Geschenk für das HQ.

T61 pestbert Hardware

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T61 pubert

7661-CTO L3-EE391

T61 pubert Betrieb


T61 upbert

7661-CTO L3-GT984

T61 upbert Betrieb


X60t penbert

Das Gerät ist 2020-08 wieder abgeholt wurden.
Sollte wer solch ein Gerät brauchen: Anfragen bei user:vater!
IBM ThinkPad X60 Tablet
  • UltraBase

X60t penbert BIOS

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  • einmal auf default zurückgesetzt
  • alle alarm

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