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Ideen für Ideen zu und rund um NixOS

NixOS meets iRedMail

(g)ui the whole configuration.nix

  • gui oder wui
  • Unmöglichkeit von Typos
  • bessere Übersicht zu (allen) verfügbaren Optionen
  • ...

NixOS as FreeBSD

aka uNix oder FreeNix oder NixBSD

nixpkgs on BSD

Dragonfly BSD
nix für Jails

my perfect NixOS laptop installation

The goal is setting up a sweet default for the usage of a (usual) laptop running NixOS.

Probably we gonna use a ThinkPad (idea of the project denkende Bretter bohren). Of course everybody can bring an own device.

The "perfect" setup seems to be:

  • NixOS
  • ZFS (as good as possible (for / but probably without /boot))
    ext4 might be possible also (but is not that feature rich). btrfs should be also available to install (NixOS) on.
  • 2 mirrored disks (would be nice)
    (A caddy for a second disk (for a ThinkPad) will be the for testing such a setup. user:vater has got one.)
  • all data encrypted (as good as possible (for / but probably without /boot))
    Probably we have to use the 18.03 (version of NixOS, a prerelease) b/c we also wanna test ZFS native encryption.
    Who is interested to run LUKS - the "typical" way to encrypt devices on GNU/Linux - can do that of course.
    ZFS native encryption is one of the newest features of ZFS, driven by the ZoL community. (It is not available on FreeBSD at present (2017-10).)
  • (maybe a device or file for swap)