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remember me

creating templates
creating a "sweet" css
providing a spreadsheet about the "accounting" of the Mate-Kasse


Unser Wiki ist benutzbar. Unglaublich awesome! --Astro (Diskussion) 01:23, 18. Apr 2013 (CEST)


find / | whereis home :-/

things (i am interested) for playing around with

first of all this is a section for remember myself. if anyone (found this section and) is also interested it that kind of stuff, please let me know.

OS-testing on a ThinkPad
doing documentation stuff
translate documentations
frequently handbooks, but also manuals and tutorials
write (or correct) documentations


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  2. Wiki PC-BSD: Beiträge von vater
  3. Wiki GhostBSD: Beiträge von vater
  4. Wiki PC-BSD: Beiträge von vater

FreeBSD /etc/fstab Eintrag SWAP

# Device                Mountpoint              FStype          Options Dump Pass
/dev/ada1               none                    swap            sw      0       0