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If you are planning a trip through the Garden Route this summer, Mossel Bay is a stopping stage (on several Garden Route trips).
There is various 'fun in the sunshine' activities in addition to rest and vitality for the tired traveller. Go bungee getting, connection dogging, abseiling, and South Africa's hobby for the daring, shark-cage diving! You can ride on elephants through the Botlierskop Game Reserve and take a trip out to regional Seal Island having its 3000 Cape Fur seals. You may find that sharks will accompany your boat to seal area, or in season (July to November a whale). If you would like to complete anything glamorous this merry time, attempt a helicopter flip over the city and its attractive bay (also referred to as Bay Of Attractions).

A old gemstone. For the culturally oriented, there is Cultural Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Shell Museum, the Aquarium, and the garden. Visit Hough's Herbal yard in Great Brak and the numerous free galleries in this little city. Take a push to the original quest community of Friemersheim in the Outeniqua hills and review the South Africa of aged.

Fun Joyful Routines, like read the full info here :

Catamaran Sailing: The Seven Seas is really a 60-foot luxury catamaran, properly fitted out for pleasure and final type. Guests may enjoy sundown voyages and the seal island visits in comfort, while enjoying breathtaking sunsets from the deck, diner, dining room, or mixture clubhouse.

Oyster Catcher Trail: This coastal hiking trail starts in a Khoi San cave at the previous fishing town of Mossel Bay and ends with a tiny ship vacation over the Gouritz River. This is not just a stroll - it's a relationship with nature!

Horse Riding & Horse Trails: Go horseback riding, ride on the advantage of coastal coves where you can observe the sharks frolicking below. There is also a multi-day horse expedition of the Garden Route's shores, foothills, and ancient forest on horseback.

Face Adrenalin: A major theme in the improvement of mankind is always to face and overcome fear; your final adrenalin exam is the 65-meter Gouritz bungy leap and link move.

On the properly Mossel Bay Deepsea Adventures: enjoy and Come a deep sea, angling journey rigged 8m, Butt Cat in Mossel Bay. Could support around nine people and all lure and handle is available. All fish grabbed, could be maintained (at the mercy of Bag Limits).

Model Shipyard: It is possible to observe shipbuilders doing his thing while they're chaotic making their model cruises. They supply and construct range type ships from moments gone by.

Garden Route Casino: arrive at the Garden Route Casino between 22nd and 18th of December so your favourite star can be met by you, If you're a devoted Egoli supporter.

Garden Route Game Lodge: Arrive at start to see the many other animal species and Big Five in this malaria-free spot. The Reptile Park is also an exciting method to devote time. You may enjoy a geniune African food at the thatched boma and unwind in a jaccuzzi underneath the African heavens.

Footprints Social Entrepreneurs: Discover this area! Visit the Craft and Arts Centre; you will find guided travels to experience the Natural and Cultural Environment of Tarka Village, and a visit to St Mary Magdalene Chapel created on a pure spg. Tour instructions to the fishing destinations that can offer the 'big one.' A visit to the City Craft Centre stored in the Lutheran Mission School, where hand-crafted posts are on exhibit, and can be bought.

Emqolweni Kamama Caf: This really is South Africa's merely non-alcoholic shebeen. It introduces a fresh notion of socialising in the townships. People normally have fun in shebeens though children play in the roads. Imqolweni has altered this: now women and children have the chance to have fun together at a coffee house, where women talk and the children play in a safe play playground environment.