SILC (Themenabend)

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Ein Themenabend ist geplant. Es existiert jetzt auch noch das eigene SILC (Netz)

Titel SILC
Untertitel Secure Internet Live Conferencing
Termin  ???
Ort 5. CLT Chemnitz, 20C3, Datenspuren,
Thema Verschlüsselte Kommunikation
Referent(inn)en: fukami, Alien8
C3D2 Webseite  ???


  • Who are we? (exited SILC users)
  • Why SILC? (enc and auth traffic, new design -> advantages, why an irc-SSL layer isn't the way to do it...)
  • Short history of SILC
    • How it begun
    • Status of the project
  • Technical intro to the protocol
    • based on the white paper
    • A few things that are designed better compared to IRC
      • Nicks/Clients
        • SILC: not unique, unique Client ID; identicated by public key (no nick services needed); attributes and present modes
        • IRC: unique; authenticated by password/host mask (nick services needed); userinfo through service, away only
      • Channels
        • SILC: unique; founder mode (no channel services needed); channel public keys possible
        • IRC: unique; channel services needed for registration;
      • Messages/File transfer
        • SILC: all messages encrypted; all messages pass server; messages can be sign; multimedia messages possible; SFTP mandatory, other file transfer protocols possible
        • IRC: all messages are unencrypted, ctcp/dcc for e2e communication and file transfer
    • How it works using the silc-client
      • Show a few things:
        • Chat (found channel, what is founder, founder mode, save your key!)
        • nicks (double nicks)
        • MIME message to the channel, ...
        • signed messages
        • private channel key
        • client auth channel
        • private msg key (pubkey, passphrase)
        • watch
        • detatch
    • Other clients
    • How to setup silcd (if there is still time, we got 45 min)
      • Go over the config file
    • Links
    • (known bugs)